Terra Kasi: to Fight a Jedi

Ok, Ithaca Sabers can teach you how to fight like a Jedi. But what if you needed to a fight against a Jedi? Some of my friends at Terra Prime Light Armory (TPLA) have a cool new project. Welcome to Teras Kasi, a martial art that seeks to answer that exact questions! (Notice how weContinue reading “Terra Kasi: to Fight a Jedi”

Learning On-Line: What can I accomplish?

Its tough for any kind of martial arts school right now, and the lightsaber combat community is no exception. COVID-19 has put any sort of group training or competition on pause, including here at Ithaca Sabers. If there is a silver-lining to the current situation, it is that many of us now have abundant timeContinue reading “Learning On-Line: What can I accomplish?”

Lightsaber Combat and the Value of Myth in the Martial Arts

In this update I would like to share an article that Chad Eisner and I originally published on the Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine webpage.  I was quite happy with the way the essay and accompanying photographs turned out, and I believe that this meditation has something to offer traditional martial artists and Star WarsContinue reading “Lightsaber Combat and the Value of Myth in the Martial Arts”


This is the first in a series of guest posts by my friends Craig Page regarding the Seven Forms of Lightsaber Combat. Their history, their philosophy, and their real world analogues. This is meant to be a guide to help those researching and developing those Forms. This essay originally appeared on his blog The SnarkContinue reading “JUNGIAN MARTIAL ARTS: AN INTRO TO THE SEVEN FORMS OF LIGHTSABER COMBAT”

A Year in Lightsabers, with TPLA

***We just received the latest transmission from the Terra Prime Light Armory HQ (Ithaca Sabers is a TPLA school). You can follow them on FB, YouTube and the blog where this was originally posted. But if you haven’t been, here is what you missed in 2019. It was a busy year!*** Greetings and Happy NewContinue reading “A Year in Lightsabers, with TPLA”

Celebrating the Winter Lights in Downtown Ithaca

On Friday the 13th Ithaca Sabers hosted an event on the Ithaca Commons as part of the city’s inaugural Winter Lights Festival.  That makes perfect sense to me as what could be more festive than a few dozen lightsabers sabers swinging through the air?  From 5-8 pm we set up a booth where passersby could learn more aboutContinue reading “Celebrating the Winter Lights in Downtown Ithaca”

Revisiting An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age

***What follows is the next guest post by my good friend Craig Page. You can read the original version of this essay at his now (sadly) dormant blog The Snark Side of the Force. Craig has always been one of my favorite voices in the saber community. Enjoy!*** This is the weapon of a JediContinue reading “Revisiting An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age”

Exploring Creativity and Authenticity: A Workshop with Damon Honeycutt

***Tara and I wrote a short essay for the TPLA blog about our recent workshop with guest instructor Damon Honeycutt. You can find it here, but we are also re-posting the entire thing below. It was a great event and we hope to have Damon back soon!** Exploring Creativity and Authenticity By Benjamin N. JudkinsContinue reading “Exploring Creativity and Authenticity: A Workshop with Damon Honeycutt”