For those just starting out there is a year long “Introduction to Lightsaber Combat” class which meets every Wednesday from 7:30 to 8:30. This will introduce students to basic concepts in swords defense, attack and movement as well as introducing them to Shii-cho, the first of the seven classic forms of Lightsaber Combat. Each of these draws in turn on real-world fencing traditions.

There are three modes of membership at Ithaca Sabers. Anyone is free to come in for a “drop-in” class. These cost $20 regardless of the level. Please contact us ahead of time as space can be limited on certain nights. But most students opt to sign up for Monthly Memberships (four classes) for the reduced rate of $60 a month. Finally, for $100 per month Full Members can attend an unlimited number of classes.

Full Membership

Unlimited access to both the Introductory and Advanced classes for $100 a month. However, one must first have completed the Introductory course. The best deal for serious students.

Monthly Membership

Four classes for the discounted rate of $60. This applies to both the Introductory and the Advanced classes.

Drop In Rates

$20 Drop in fees for both the Advanced and Introductory classes.


Ithaca Sabers a a member of the Terra Prime Light Armory (TPLA) network. We use LED Sabers as an analog for teaching and preserving historical European and Asian fighting systems. This provides students with a fun and fast paced way to stay active while exploring real world sword arts. Click the button to learn more about our approach to Lightsaber Combat.

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